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Author Amber DeAnna Natterer writes Adult Fiction ages 17+

When asked about her struggles as a writer and how she overcomes them Author Amber DeAnna Natterer had this to say:

The most challenging part of my writing would be spelling. I'm dyslexic and it's worse if I have writer's block. To kick my writer’s block, I free write. It’s usually something silly. Most of them have a Sci-Fi ring to it. Dyslexia is an everyday thing for me. One thing I’ve learned with dyslexia is Never Give Up.

Serena Mossgraves 

New Client 2019 

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Serena is a twisted faery with the urge to scare the unwitting reader. Her dark tales of nightmares excite the unwary. prowling around looking for new tales to twist and share. She is an avid reader who has always enjoyed the more gothic settings. If you are not afraid to seek her she is on Facebook at and will gladly visit with you there.

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